steel plate cutting

Four computerized numerical control cutting machines play the main role in our steel plate cutting job. And with two full-time CAD programmers dedicated to preparing CAD-files for our CNC cutting machines, our sales and management team review drawings with you until final approval is reached. We have the production capabilities needed to get the cutting job done right and on time. In particular, we are good at A36 steel plate cutting. So our team are sincerely looking forward to hearing from you about steel plate cutting.

We offer a complete line of processing capabilities such as plasma cutting, CNC machining, forming and robotic welding.

cutting plates

Our CNC controlled oxygen-fuel cutting machine can cut up to 6mm-20mm thickness with ten torches per machine. With high-speed divergent nozzles and oxygen jet that open slightly along the compressed oxygen to expand as it leaves, forming a high-velocity jet that spread less than a parallel-bore nozzle, serve a clean cut. Every time we do plate cutting as per your drawing and requirement with our professional technicians.

Cutting quality is what we are dedicated to. Our commitment is to process your order correctly, to provide you with proper documentation, and to deliver your order on time—every time. We have successfully partnered with fabricators, job shops, and a wide variety of OEM’s.

annular plates bottom cutting plates
Annular plates  Bottom cutting plates

Please contact us now to see how our trained project and sales staff can meet your steel plate cutting needs.

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