Oil Tank in Papua New Guinea

For oil tank, together with our project manager Jerry, our Singapore client and engineer from oil company come to visit to our processing mill in January. In the workshop, they inspect the rolled and cut steel plates as per drawings. Meanwhile, they express the satisfaction with our industrious and professional workers.

From the beginning to end of this processing cooperation, it has taken more than one month. our client at first only wanted to search an outstanding supplier to purchase different specifications, respective 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness steel plates grade A36 from us. But, he made a big decision after inspecting his purchased steel plates and studying our former processing cases explained by Jerry in the factory. Our high standard steel plates are totally in accordance with his requirement.

At the processing factory, our customers accopanied with our workers investigate the processing capacity.

processing factory visiting

During the visiting, he talked about the further cooperation with us that is to do processing treatment on these plates such as steel plate rolling, steel plate cutting and welding. We showed our processing capacity and give our promise of high-quality processing technology, low processing cost, as well as safe-fast delivery. At last, through endeavors of the related staff from two companies, the processing contract has finally signed successfully.

We have received a lot of praises about perfect and accurate plate processing details by our Singapore client and the oil tank contractor.  

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Oil Tank in Papua New Guinea Oil Tank in Papua New Guinea
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