• steel plate cutting
  • stee plate rolling
  • tank fabrication
  • steel processing
  • tanks
  • We are able to get steel plate cutting job done right and clean.
  • We take pride of few limitations, and we welcome your devise tank project needs.
  • Angle bars, Channels, Beams , Stair treads, Tube (Square and Rectangular), Pipes...
  • To save your time and your cost for tank erection is our final aim.
  • Best contractor’s coagent!
Optimize and Purchase Right Steel Plate for You
As a professional steel products trader and considerate service provider, we can assist customers elaborately select the most matched steel products of competitive price from China’s huge steel market. The outstanding technicians together with sharp-sighted purchasing staff are our strong supporters.
Do Processing as per Your Requirement
The steel processing jobs---steel plate cutting and steel plate rolling are done to order, and are completely customizable to your design requirements and project applications. Various plate rolling equipments and advanced CNC cutting machines with our skilled workers are built on timeliness, quality, and cost effectiveness.
LPG storage tank
Two LPG storage tanks as well as the accessories for our UK client starts their sea journey. ...
...

ASTM A36 Steel plates for Water Tank and AGO Tank
Water tank and AGO tank are fabricated from ASTM A36 steel plates for our Nigeria's customer....
...

ASTM A36 Steel Plates for Oil Tank
135 tons rolling steel plates and steel products including angle bars, end cap and etc. applied in construction of oil tank have been finished on time. ...
...

Inspection for Tank Project from Our Nigeria's Customer Inspection for Tank Project from Our Nigeria's Customer
Inspection of purchased ASTM A36 steel plates for water tank and AGO tank construction is the business purpose of our customer ....
Oil Tank in Papua New Guinea Oil Tank in Papua New Guinea
Oil tank project are satisfied by our customer....
Tank Engineering Service for Our UK Customer Tank Engineering Service for Our UK Customer
The tank engineering service includes steel plate rolling and steel structure fabrication like angles, flange and rails are applied to 5 tanks construction. ...

Receiving your detailed and professional drawing, we do the processing job strictly as per it no matter how demanding. We can offer precision steel fabrication ready for field erection and welding on site.

Fabrication as follows:
  • Tank bottom,
  • Tank shell
  • Tank roof and structure
  • Spiral staircase, handrail, galvanized grating
  • Pipe, square and rectangular tube
  • Flat bar, angle bar, U-channel
  • Accessories (like sumps with piping and support, dip hatch, manholes & nozzles)
Customer-focused and Service-focused are company motto.
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